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F-35’s networked with super-bombers

Next Big Future has an interesting article about networking F-35’s with good old fashioned bombers. So if people ask “Why not build a special purpose fighter *and* have a special purpose bomber?” you can now reply that they’re *already* working … Continue reading

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I may have been wrong on the F-35

There are a few myths about the F-35 that I used to believe: 1. It was too fat to be a proper fighter, and did not have the right wing-to-body ratio to fly well. This is false, as lift is … Continue reading

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Captain James Kirk commands futuristic destroyer!

This next story is too good! 1. Captain James Kirk commands this brand new futuristic destroyer. I’m just saying! What are they not telling us? Anyone dug up a frozen genetically enhanced super-warriors named KHAN(!) lately? 2. EM gun! $25k … Continue reading

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What caused “Bring back our girls?”

What was the geopolitical backstory to “Bring back our girls?” Why did Boko Haram find so many willing recruits in the north? How did Nigeria’s ethnic mix play into this? Indeed, how did the very shape of the land itself … Continue reading

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What do WW2 and climate change have in common?

Was WW2 about national food security? If so, what implications does this have for geopolitics as climate change starts to bite? This “Crash course” in world history looks at WW2 and takes 10 minutes to briefly summarise the war, and … Continue reading

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