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Could hypothetical aliens hide from us?

I’ve been reading sci-fi for decades, and yet 10 minutes into an Isaac Arthur video I realise I’m still not thinking BIG enough! Can we hide from alien civilisations? It’s already too late. Forget TV and radio shows. As the … Continue reading

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The African Union’s first real success?

GO AU! In solving the Gambian constitutional crisis of 2016, you’ve taken your first step on the proverbial journey of a million miles towards a “United States of Africa”. Go team! May this increase peace and prosperity for a continent with … Continue reading

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EU Syrian swap pointless!

I don’t understand why the EU are sending Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey only to collect another bunch from Turkey and bring them back to the EU! I originally thought this was about taking the economic migrants from Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Look what we’ve created!

Boy, I’m glad we went into Iraq in GW2 and wasted $2 TRILLION chasing WMD’s that didn’t exist under Saddam! It only robbed Iraq of a police-state that was keeping I.S. styled radicalism under control. It burned $2 TRILLION, and … Continue reading

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F-35’s networked with super-bombers

Next Big Future has an interesting article about networking F-35’s with good old fashioned bombers. So if people ask “Why not build a special purpose fighter *and* have a special purpose bomber?” you can now reply that they’re *already* working … Continue reading

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I may have been wrong on the F-35

There are a few myths about the F-35 that I used to believe: 1. It was too fat to be a proper fighter, and did not have the right wing-to-body ratio to fly well. This is false, as lift is … Continue reading

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Captain James Kirk commands futuristic destroyer!

This next story is too good! 1. Captain James Kirk commands this brand new futuristic destroyer. I’m just saying! What are they not telling us? Anyone dug up a frozen genetically enhanced super-warriors named KHAN(!) lately? 2. EM gun! $25k … Continue reading

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