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Winston Churchill argued for a United States of Europe

Well, this was a treat. In his famous “Let Europe Arise” speech, Winnie passionately argues for the hope and necessity of a United States of Europe, and the vision of its hundreds of millions of citizens living in peace and … Continue reading

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Could hypothetical aliens hide from us?

I’ve been reading sci-fi for decades, and yet 10 minutes into an Isaac Arthur video I realise I’m still not thinking BIG enough! Can we hide from alien civilisations? It’s already too late. Forget TV and radio shows. As the … Continue reading

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The African Union’s first real success?

GO AU! In solving the Gambian constitutional crisis of 2016, you’ve taken your first step on the proverbial journey of a million miles towards a “United States of Africa”. Go team! May this increase peace and prosperity for a continent with … Continue reading

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EU Syrian swap pointless!

I don’t understand why the EU are sending Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey only to collect another bunch from Turkey and bring them back to the EU! I originally thought this was about taking the economic migrants from Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Look what we’ve created!

Boy, I’m glad we went into Iraq in GW2 and wasted $2 TRILLION chasing WMD’s that didn’t exist under Saddam! It only robbed Iraq of a police-state that was keeping I.S. styled radicalism under control. It burned $2 TRILLION, and … Continue reading

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F-35’s networked with super-bombers

Next Big Future has an interesting article about networking F-35’s with good old fashioned bombers. So if people ask “Why not build a special purpose fighter *and* have a special purpose bomber?” you can now reply that they’re *already* working … Continue reading

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I may have been wrong on the F-35

There are a few myths about the F-35 that I used to believe: 1. It was too fat to be a proper fighter, and did not have the right wing-to-body ratio to fly well. This is false, as lift is … Continue reading

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