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Free speech not a big priority for doomers

It doesn’t take long to get banned from doomer websites. They tend to quickly recycle tired old myths to people like myself that quote peer-reviewed research into nuclear power, affordable synthetic diesel, and other matters. Then, before too long, your … Continue reading

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Human driving is SO yesterday!

This Tesla dashboard camera shows the Tesla car predict an accident ahead seconds before it happens. Watch the video and hear the alarm sound three beeps seconds before the car crashes ahead! The stupid humans driving the car in front … Continue reading

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Call for driverless Australia by 2030

I’ve been saying it for a while: a driver-less society is coming. It could soon be illegal to drive in Australia, because the robots will do it so much better! Smart cars are coming, but what about smart roads? Telstra’s … Continue reading

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Algal lamps

Hi all, a friend recommended a facebook meme all about algal lamps. Before I get all down on them, look how cool they are! I mean, these things are seriously steampunk! I also need to say I love different scientists trying … Continue reading

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Rail carries 10 times more than bus

Rail is needed in all of the world’s cities as it can enable travel time savings and space efficiencies no longer achievable by car and bus. Rail can carry 20 times as many people compared to a single lane of … Continue reading

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Robot taxis in Netherlands

Sorry taxi drivers, but the self-driving shuttles are coming. On the plus side? This will probably lower the cost of cabs, creating a culture that devalues owning and driving one’s own car, and values instead the freedom of the robot … Continue reading

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Sprawl costs America $1 TRILLION annually!

This is amazing. How dumb are we for building sprawl across the western world? Washington, DC, March 19th: Urban sprawl costs the American economy more than US$1 trillion annually, according to a new study by the New Climate Economy. These … Continue reading

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