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Super heatwaves starting

Remember they predicted ‘super-heatwaves’ by 2050, with the wet-bulb temperature making it too humid & hot for the human body to cool down? Mass deaths across tropical and Middle Eastern regions? They’re almost here.

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What caused “Bring back our girls?”

What was the geopolitical backstory to “Bring back our girls?” Why did Boko Haram find so many willing recruits in the north? How did Nigeria’s ethnic mix play into this? Indeed, how did the very shape of the land itself … Continue reading

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Monbiot cracker on side effects of worshipping elitism

Imagining these poor kids almost made me cry. It was my joy and honour to take some career time off to raise my kids when they were little. Sure I supported my wife in her graphic design business and acted … Continue reading

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Gandhi not such a saint

Mahatma Gandhi is famous for instituting mass non-violent protests¬†against the British empire. But what were his values and goals for Indian society? Be prepared to be shocked. Ghandi was a racist who could not stand association with black South Africans, … Continue reading

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HEALTH NEWS: For once, an ancient spiritual practice is being revived for modern health benefits with scientifically verifiable results. Blood tests and health tests and all kinds of large-population group studies verify this. EG: A whole generation in the Great … Continue reading

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Activity Based Workspace or Open Office plan

Anyone else going towards an Open Office at work? (Sometimes called ABW, “Activity Based Work space”). Studies show it might not be a good idea.

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Who is moving across to Google+

Genuine question: why are you using Google+ and what are you using it for? Google have done a few things recently to annoy their users. They’ve killed off iGoogle, and then they’ve forced Youtube customers to post onto Youtube through … Continue reading

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