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NREL and the baseload myth

One of the great problems with charging a whole fleet of electric cars is how would the grid cope. Would we have to double our daytime capacity and build out a super-grid as electricity demand skyrocketed! But NREL to the … Continue reading

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Battery that could run all Australia for 10 hours?

Imagine a giant hydro dam that acted as a ‘battery’ for Australia for when the renewables went down. Now imagine that it is on a flat desert plain instead of a traditional hydro dam wrecking a beautiful valley somewhere. Meet … Continue reading

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Thermal battery

In effect, explained Grossman, this makes it possible to produce a “rechargeable heat battery” that can repeatedly store and release heat gathered from sunlight or other sources. In principle, Grossman said, a fuel made from fulvalene diruthenium, when its stored … Continue reading

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Pooh power!

Sounds like a great gas to power trucks and other essential heavy vehicles to me, rather than producing electricity which could be supplied by nukes. The biomethane project that turns human waste into green gas that we featured in May … Continue reading

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Gravel batteries could store energy for 3 years

Now this is interesting! IF this system works as advertised, this could prove to be a very useful energy storage mechanism. Isentopic claims its gravel-based battery would be able to store equivalent amounts of energy but use less space and … Continue reading

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Introducing the death-car!

This comment from Slashdot pretty well sums up the peaknik view of flywheel powered cars. That’s one of the serious problems with any exceptionally high density energy storage technology. How do you keep the genie in the bottle, and protect … Continue reading

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Many reasons for ‘Moonbase Alpha’, including peak oil!

I think the world is about to go into a Great Depression because of peak oil. I wish our governments would adopt an emergency economy implementing the solutions the experts I’ve read put forward. (See Solutions for my 7 R’s … Continue reading

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