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Could hypothetical aliens hide from us?

I’ve been reading sci-fi for decades, and yet 10 minutes into an Isaac Arthur video I realise I’m still not thinking BIG enough! Can we hide from alien civilisations? It’s already too late. Forget TV and radio shows. As the … Continue reading

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Elon wins, Zubrin wrong

I recently promoted Robert Zubrin’s critique of the Space X plans for settling Mars. I am now convinced I was wrong. Zubrin attacks the Space X plan in the video below and this article from New Atlantis. But after a fascinating conversation over … Continue reading

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This is my kind of solar!

Hi all, I normally diagnose a fast build out of nuclear power, eventually scaling this up to GenIV breeder reactors like the Integral Fast Reactor or eventually the ultimate waste-eating reactor, the Molten Salt Reactor. (The IFR is a GREAT and … Continue reading

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Hydrogen gun to shoot stuff into space: CHEAP!

John Hunter of Quicklaunch is interviewed by Sander Olson.

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Torus space station

Click here for a really cool illustration of a torus.

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Sun blasting electricity grids would be ‘bad’

SCIAM is again repeating the fact that a good enough solar storm could help delay global warming… by crashing the economic activity and power grids that cause it! “If the world’s transformers are destroyed, you can’t just buy new ones … Continue reading

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Pyxidis supernovae not the end of the world… yet.

The concluding paragraph indicates that we may just have time to get through global warming and peak oil first before our great grandchildren start the trip into space to build some giant “sun-shades” around the earth. 😉 It sounds scary … Continue reading

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