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Hydrogen gun to shoot stuff into space: CHEAP!

John Hunter of Quicklaunch is interviewed by Sander Olson.

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Stephen Hawking overstating it slightly

This is not a Christian explanation of why Hawking is wrong, but a scientific explanation. Now, Hawking is telling us that unconfirmable M-theory plus the anthropic tautology represents the end of that quest. If we believe him, the joke’s on … Continue reading

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Torus space station

Click here for a really cool illustration of a torus.

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Sun blasting electricity grids would be ‘bad’

SCIAM is again repeating the fact that a good enough solar storm could help delay global warming… by crashing the economic activity and power grids that cause it! “If the world’s transformers are destroyed, you can’t just buy new ones … Continue reading

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Pyxidis supernovae not the end of the world… yet.

The concluding paragraph indicates that we may just have time to get through global warming and peak oil first before our great grandchildren start the trip into space to build some giant “sun-shades” around the earth. 😉 It sounds scary … Continue reading

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"Spaceguard" for the Southern Hemisphere by a different name?

Hi all,this ABC news story was a bit of a relief. Not that I stay awake at night worrying about a “Deep Impact” from the Southern Skies, but is is annoying how long we’ve effectively been blind to half the … Continue reading

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Japanese price Space Elevator at $15 billion (Aussie)?

Eclipse Comment: But will it run on Wind Turbines? 😉 If this thing ever became a reality, it opens up cheaper space solar platforms, minerals from the moon or Mars, and … beyond. Maybe after we’ve weaned of the fossil … Continue reading

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