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Solar PV toxic waste being dumped

Online Opinion has another article suspicious of¬†nuclear waste dumps in Australia, and ¬†suspicious of the political process to get one. I wrote the following comment in reply. Shock! Horror! An industrial process has dangerous waste by products!? Wow. This is … Continue reading

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Renewables contradictions

RENEWABLE CONTRADICTIONS Are we going off-grid, or building a super-grid? Will that grid be baseload and reliable and give us power when we really need it, or only trickles that can hardly meet the real demand? OFF GRID or SUPER-GRID? … Continue reading

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Fossil fuels in disguise

Hi all, I always thought wind and solar had a pretty good ERoEI which stands for Energy Return on Energy Invested, or Output / Input, or how much energy you get back after counting the energy it took to build … Continue reading

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Smart money and the quicker solution

A post to a friend: Building passive solar homes, retrofitting smart meters to a smart grid, creating smart devices that interact with signals from the smart-grid, and even building huge seawater hydro dam-batteries (because most new conventional river-hydro dams should … Continue reading

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Solar PV + storage = net energy SINK!

Is Solar PV even a source of energy when one considers trying to ‘buffer’ it with storage? Does the energy cost of building the solar PV AND the storage render solar PV a net energy SINK rather than energy source? … Continue reading

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Germany at 67% renewable penetration?

I thought not! Because science media reports records, that one day when Solar + Wind hit 67% penetration in Germany, the consistently low performance of renewables in Germany is forgotten: and this is despite the enormous money put into renewables … Continue reading

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Material inputs

We have energy choices to make. These are the inputs required EVERY SINGLE DAY if we choose wind, solar, or nuclear. (Also remember we have to do wind again in 25 years, where nukes last 60 to 80 years). WIND … Continue reading

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