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What caused “Bring back our girls?”

What was the geopolitical backstory to “Bring back our girls?” Why did Boko Haram find so many willing recruits in the north? How did Nigeria’s ethnic mix play into this? Indeed, how did the very shape of the land itself … Continue reading

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One third of the food we grow gets wasted

As Avaaz says: Dear friends, It’s a recipe to feed the world— stop wasting a third of all the food we grow, and stop tens of millions of children going to bed hungry each night. The ingredients are all there … Continue reading

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Monbiot cracker on side effects of worshipping elitism

Imagining these poor kids almost made me cry. It was my joy and honour to take some career time off to raise my kids when they were little. Sure I supported my wife in her graphic design business and acted … Continue reading

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5 minutes on how Foreign Aid helps u

Brilliant and funny

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Pentagon full of ‘long haired freaky people’?

As an Anglican Minister mate of mine just said: What do you think? Are they bleeding-heart pinko national traitors or just tree-hugging, dope-smoking, long-haired dirty hippies? (From the Pentagon.) “Climate change poses another significant challenge for the United States and … Continue reading

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OK Tony Abbott, let’s stop mucking around. If Asylum seekers are really such a threat, let’s just declare WAR on them, and THEN claim secrecy for ‘operational security’. But until then — I know it’s a bit of a big … Continue reading

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Streetwise tips for women

Hi all, The following comes from Angel Firestone and has some lifesaving advice. I especially like the ‘Playing the odds’ section on when someone is holding a gun to your head which is probably pertinent to men as well! See … Continue reading

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