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Solar PV toxic waste being dumped

Online Opinion has another article suspicious of nuclear waste dumps in Australia, and  suspicious of the political process to get one. I wrote the following comment in reply. Shock! Horror! An industrial process has dangerous waste by products!? Wow. This is … Continue reading

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I’m furious with the world-wide grid!

This is madness! There are Chinese proposals before the World Economic forum that they want to build a world-wide super-grid costing $50 TRILLION dollars up to 2050. This is all in the VAIN hope that it will convert ‘unreliables’ (as … Continue reading

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Eco-modernists attack Bernie Sanders!

Last week, Breakthrough’s Director of Research argued against Bernie Sanders’ alleged climate goals. As Nordhaus wrote for USA Today, Sanders would shut down nuclear power plants and ban fracking nationally — two actions that would increase, not decrease, carbon emissions. … Continue reading

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Algal lamps

Hi all, a friend recommended a facebook meme all about algal lamps. Before I get all down on them, look how cool they are! I mean, these things are seriously steampunk! I also need to say I love different scientists trying … Continue reading

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James Hansen a ‘denier’

Wow. This is a new low from the renewables fans. It cuts deep, because normally I respect Naomi Oreskes. But that’s gone now. She is not an expert in the subject she’s discussing, and quotes a very dubious study into 100% … Continue reading

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Backup 30%, or power the whole grid?

Are you wondering if the Tesla Powerpack is going to replace nuclear power? Here’s some numbers in from The Breakthrough eco-modernists. You can *either* buy Tesla Powerpack batteries to back up *one week* of winter in Germany (at a hypothetical 30% … Continue reading

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Which renewable model

A friend and I were having a chat on facebook, which became a little too long and unwieldy for facebook, so I’m posting my reply here: As I understand it, you agree with the renewables dispersal argument, which tries to … Continue reading

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