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Nuclear waste worth $30 trillion

Poster can be downloaded from Nuclear Posters page — low resolution preview below. Advertisements

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How I’ll do my posters? (Coming Soon!)

doug barned – Customisable PDFs. Customisable PDFs I originally created this in response to a post on MacRumors but thought it might make a nice first tutorial for my site. Although the example used is a poster, this method can … Continue reading

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Simpol poster now ready

Click here and follow the instructions. I’m disappointed that no one has caught this vision and set up Simpol USA yet, but give them time.

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Simpol posters

If you’re not sure why I am advocating that we promote Simpol, please read What can I do about it? How to warn your friends, prepare your city and change the world. Remember what Noam Chomsky said: Noam Chomsky “It’s … Continue reading

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Let these posters "nag" for you!

I have tried to design informative yet still dramatic posters. Sometimes a bold image and striking heading can sink into the conscious mind faster than text. Other times, a dramatic heading might attract curiosity which then encourages a little reading … Continue reading

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