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Our environmental footprint is at 1.5 Earth’s

Fossil fuels are HALF of our environmental footprint. (See Page 12 here). Footprint calculators measure us using the resources of about 1.5 Earth’s. Doing this is like living on a giant credit card, and one day soon the bills … Continue reading

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Oh no! The Baby Boomers are about to retire!

Did anyone see the ABC’s 7:30 Report last night? They had the usual population boosters saying we had no choice but to raise Australia’s population to 35 million by 2050 so that…. we’d be a better military force? No. we … Continue reading

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Bernard Salt asks a probing question in support of a Big Australia

While I ultimately disagree with a big Australia, the following paragraph (and indeed, whole article) asks some very important questions. I do not know the answer. Neil? Help! We have a problem over the next 15 years. How do we … Continue reading

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Effects of population aging have been exaggerated

I love this stuff. It means it is not the end of the economy if the population stabilises! **** Due to increasing life-spans and improved health many populations are ‘aging’ more slowly than conventional measures indicate. Many people over 65 … Continue reading

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ABC Population Poll

Everyone should have a vote… ABC TV :: Dick Smith Population Puzzle :: About.

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