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“In the next 17 years, Sydney’s population is expected to grow by 1.5 million people”

Hang on, don’t we have a water crisis? A bushfire crisis? I mean, I’m convinced that with the right technology deployed we can feed a world of 10 billion, but don’t we have to deploy that first? And if ever … Continue reading

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World now more middle class than poor

Interesting! Sept 2018 marks the point where (finally!) more of the world is wealthy than poor. I remember being told to refer to poor underdeveloped nations as the ‘2/3rd’s world’ because it was the majority. That has shifted somewhat. There’s … Continue reading

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UN estimates for population by 2100

The UN has reported that all factors being equal (which to my way of thinking assumes enough food, no super-viruses, no meteor impacts, and no sudden runaway global warming Extinction Level Events), the population by 2100 should be something like: By the … Continue reading

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What caused “Bring back our girls?”

What was the geopolitical backstory to “Bring back our girls?” Why did Boko Haram find so many willing recruits in the north? How did Nigeria’s ethnic mix play into this? Indeed, how did the very shape of the land itself … Continue reading

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Does IPAT guarantee the end of the world?

Many see IPAT as a set of mathematical laws that guarantee the imminent collapse of modern civilisation. The global population is growing and, as the argument goes, multiplying the terrible impact we have on important ecosystem services, so that when … Continue reading

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Our environmental footprint is at 1.5 Earth’s

Fossil fuels are HALF of our environmental footprint. (See Page 12 here). Footprint calculators measure us using the resources of about 1.5 Earth’s. Doing this is like living on a giant credit card, and one day soon the bills … Continue reading

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Oh no! The Baby Boomers are about to retire!

Did anyone see the ABC’s 7:30 Report last night? They had the usual population boosters saying we had no choice but to raise Australia’s population to 35 million by 2050 so that…. we’d be a better military force? No. we … Continue reading

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