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Geological peak oil still a thing

*Geological* peak oil is still a thing. Just finished watching an Al Jazeera thing explaining that big OPEC producers like Saudi Arabia were over-producing to put American unconventional oil producers out of business, as they are only viable at the … Continue reading

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Next greatest threat after global warming?

I’m glad I was able to announce a new way to feed aquaculture in my last post, because I’m fast becoming convinced that seafood is no longer good for you. It’s not seafood any longer, but concentrated toxic waste! Why? … Continue reading

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Does IPAT guarantee the end of the world?

Many see IPAT as a set of mathematical laws that guarantee the imminent collapse of modern civilisation. The global population is growing and, as the argument goes, multiplying the terrible impact we have on important ecosystem services, so that when … Continue reading

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Asbestos still used in America!

I’m quite horrified to report that a few weeks ago I was contacted by an activist who reports disgusting old asbestos is still being used in America! Wow. That’s… stone age. Unimaginable. Especially when it is so unnecessary. With a … Continue reading

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I emailed Susan Freinkel on Eternal Plastics

Hi all, I just listened to a Long Now foundation talk by Susan Freinkel on her book on plastics and our ‘toxic love story’ with them. It’s a great talk, and I encourage you all to listen to it. (I … Continue reading

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Coal + Oil cost Australia nearly $6 billion a year in health costs!

“Coal-fired power triggered lung, heart and nervous system diseases estimated to cost Australia $2.6 billion a year, while the annual health costs of pollution from oil-fuelled vehicles were put at $3.3 billion a year. Switching from vehicle transport to cycling … Continue reading

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Q&A with John Mathom

This cartoon provoked a series of interesting questions from John Mathom. It provided a good opportunity for a good old fashioned rant, so I thought I’d clear out the cobwebs and treat his questions as a Q&A post. Cheers John! … Continue reading

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