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Pacific Alliance a starting EU of South America

Hi all, It seems that despite the dozens of crony gringo-bashing old-boys clubs in South America, one of the free-trade areas is starting to produce real results in increased trade and economic growth. It even has some political bite in … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill argued for a United States of Europe

Well, this was a treat. In his famous “Let Europe Arise” speech, Winnie passionately argues for the hope and necessity of a United States of Europe, and the vision of its hundreds of millions of citizens living in peace and … Continue reading

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European Army

Simon Whistler of Visualpolitik argues for an integrated, responsive, agile European army makes sense. “Don’t spend more – spend smarter.” I like this channel!

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African unity moves a step forward

The unification process has taken a step forward with 44 countries signing AFCTA, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Considering that the EU started with 6 countries in the European Coal and Steel Community, this is a giant leap … Continue reading

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It’s nearly game over!

If King Coal gets his grubby hands on the TPP, even a 100% Green Government could not┬ástop coal growing as fast as they want. They might even sue the government now and then just for spite! We’ve only got 2 … Continue reading

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