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Next greatest threat after global warming?

I’m glad I was able to announce a new way to feed aquaculture in my last post, because I’m fast becoming convinced that seafood is no longer good for you. It’s not seafood any longer, but concentrated toxic waste! Why? … Continue reading

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Can we do better than Sweden?

Sweden is so efficient at burning their rubbish for waste that they’ve run out of their own and are importing other nation’s waste to help meet their energy needs. It’s a good story, but we can do better!   1. … Continue reading

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I emailed Susan Freinkel on Eternal Plastics

Hi all, I just listened to a Long Now foundation talk by Susan Freinkel on her book on plastics and our ‘toxic love story’ with them. It’s a great talk, and I encourage you all to listen to it. (I … Continue reading

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Plasma Burners on the way!

The Economist brings us a very positive review of both the technology advances and new economics of plasma-burners. Ordinarly household waste will no longer go to tips in a few major cities around the world, but will instead produce electricity, … Continue reading

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‘Slumming it’ Part 2 — NOT the way to sort plastic!

In part 2 of ‘Slumming it’ Kevin again focused on the community benefits of living in smaller, walking distance societies. He seemed full of wonder at their relationships and spontaneous meeting places and shared spaces. He marvelled at their community. … Continue reading

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China makes fake eggs!

Yet another reason to eat local produce. Uggggh. It’s just WRONG! The chemicals in the yoke can cause dementia. Here is an old archived Whirlpool conversation about it.

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Earth: What’s an Ocean Garbage Patch? : Video : Discovery News

There are 5 oceanic gyres collecting a thick soup of micro-plastic particles, which one do you live nearest? Fish end up with this plastic, and the various hormonal and chemical toxins, in their guts. For more: Earth: What’s an Ocean … Continue reading

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