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Libreoffice password opens locked Microsoft Office files

Hi all, for the last few years I’ve been using Microsoft Office365 for business reasons. But since Microsoft took 5 years to update office for mac, we’ve decided most of us can switch back to Libreoffice. We’ll outright buy Microsoft Office … Continue reading

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French government MIMO group going with LibreOffice

Interesting times. The MIMO working group chose to switch to LibreOffice when the OpenOffice community split into two branches: one branch, OpenOffice, is supported by Oracle, which inherited OpenOffice when it acquired Sun. Oracle donated the OpenOffice code and brand … Continue reading

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Attention Open Source fans: what have I missed

What fundamental argument for a worldwide Open Source standard have I missed?

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SMF beats phpbb3, WordPress beats Joomla

I hasten to add that the above provocative title mainly reflects my own decision for an activist group I’m setting up, not the actual quality of each product! Website / blog In fact, I love Joomla but I am just … Continue reading

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Acid 3 test reveals more about browsers. DROP IE NOW!

Check this wiki. The really interesting tests come from the preview tests of next year’s browsers…. with even the much anticipated IE8 STILL FAILING at 21%! Other browsers are getting 100%! Who will develop the better code? Tens of thousands … Continue reading

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