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Amory Lovins should answer this…

Environmental Progress explains:- Climate and environmental scientists organized by Environmental Progress urged New Jersey’s Governor Philip Murphy to pass the legislation, and I testified in support of the legislation last December. But the legislation’s passage came at a hefty price: 18 to 28 times more … Continue reading

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Nuclear power PREPARES for climate change!

How many solar farms and wind turbines did cyclone Harvey kill? But the nukes? They’re in concrete hardened bunkers. They’re fine. Nuclear power doesn’t just mitigate climate change, it *prepares* for what we’re already committed to! As Forbes said:   … Continue reading

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Our world data confirms nuclear safest

Our World Data confirms it. But all readers of … anything real… know that already, right?

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Vox news 8 minute summary of new nukes!

I love this piece: reactors that *eat* nuclear waste, and where the law of gravity kicks in to shut down a reactor in a power failure.

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China should have a full MSR by 2031

China are putting $300 million a year into researching MSR’s Full scale prototype in just 15 years. Technology Review August 2016

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