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Our world data confirms nuclear safest

Our World Data confirms it. But all readers of … anything real… know that already, right?

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Vox news 8 minute summary of new nukes!

I love this piece: reactors that *eat* nuclear waste, and where the law of gravity kicks in to shut down a reactor in a power failure.

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China should have a full MSR by 2031

China are¬†putting $300 million a year into researching MSR’s Full scale prototype in just 15 years. Technology Review August 2016

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Scientific American says IGNORANCE main reason people are anti-nuclear

I’m not being rude, as the vast majority of my life I was anti-nuclear out of sheer ignorance as well! There are 4 other reasons people are anti-nuclear, but from personal experience I this first one is the most powerful! … Continue reading

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This is my kind of solar!

Hi all, I normally¬†diagnose a fast build out of nuclear power, eventually scaling this up to GenIV breeder reactors like the Integral Fast Reactor or eventually the ultimate waste-eating reactor, the Molten Salt Reactor. (The IFR is a GREAT and … Continue reading

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