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America to build another MSR prototype!

Compared to China’s massive investment, this is baby steps. But at least America is taking them! This is my *favourite* reactor as it *cannot* melt down, it is already a liquid. Power keeps the fuel up in the core, which … Continue reading

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James Hansen a ‘denier’

Wow. This is a new¬†low from the renewables fans. It cuts deep, because normally I respect Naomi Oreskes. But that’s gone now. She is not an expert in the subject she’s discussing, and quotes a very dubious study into 100% … Continue reading

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3 reasons why nuclear power is AWESOME!

Under 5 minutes

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Pandora’s Promise now at link below

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My prediction for the SBS ‘Uranium’ series was delightfully wrong!

A few weeks ago I predicted that, from the tone of the SBS documentary series “Uranium: twisting the dragon’s tail” it would not cover the new generation of breeder reactors that can eat nuclear waste. But I was wrong! Physicist … Continue reading

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“Doctor” Helen Caldicott is a fraud

“Doctor” Helen Caldicott is a paediatrician, not a nuclear radiation expert. Her husband is a radiologist, but she is not. She’s a children’s doctor. Helen debated George Monbiot on Democracy Now, and sounded like a rabid conspiracy theorist rather … Continue reading

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Your fear of radiation is probably doing you harm!

Great article by Gizmodo, which makes the points that the psychological trauma of the Fukushima evacuation has probably been far, far more deadly to more people than the actual radiation would have!

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