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‘Peak cars’ from clever city design, NOT peak oil!

The Guardian is running the most encouraging news headline I’ve seen in a long time. I grabbed my coffee, and sat and stared in wonder at this headline. It’s a thing of beauty. End of the car age: how cities … Continue reading

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Canada’s dead trees to build ‘plyscrapers’

Climate change warmed up Canada’s winters for so long that pine beetles destroyed billions of trees across Canada’s vast forests. Those trees are dead or dying. They will release billions of tons of CO2 when they rot. What to do with … Continue reading

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Google robot cars could help New Urbanism

The reason a New Urbanist like myself likes self-driving cars is that they’re stepping stone to a society with fewer cars. Imagine you’re almost at the point where you could live without a car, but there are just a *few* … Continue reading

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Masdar = Ecocity in the desert

Masdar Fully Charged Part 1: Research project to build a sustainable renewable energy city in the desert outside Abu Dhabai. GFC pushed completion back to 2020 to 2025 Walkable New Urbanist / ecocity design Trees & water in shady narrow … Continue reading

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Hugh Mackay: design places for community!

CPX have reviewed the latest work by psychologist and social researcher, Hugh Mackay. Apparently Hugh has picked up the link between city design and psychological and community health. There is much Mackay wisdom to be shared here—well researched with a … Continue reading

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WSJ gets it wrong, again.

The Wall Street journal reported that the plans for China’s Sky City included 80% of it being dedicated to housing 174,000 people. Once it’s done, Sky City will boast 220 floors, 1 million square meters of floor space and 104 … Continue reading

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From What is Hempcrete? Hempcrete is a generic term for an old basic recipe of lime, hemp & water that has been used for decades in Europe for the restoration of old wattle & daub or cob construction.  … … Continue reading

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