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Canada’s dead trees to build ‘plyscrapers’

Climate change warmed up Canada’s winters for so long that pine beetles destroyed billions of trees across Canada’s vast forests. Those trees are dead or dying. They will release billions of tons of CO2 when they rot. What to do with … Continue reading

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But coal is ESSENTIAL for the Australian economy?

Not so fast! 1. overall mining is about 9% of our GDP but that GDP comes at the cost of other GDP. (See below). 2. Fossil fuels are only part of that 9% GDP as the rest is opals and … Continue reading

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ABC’s Landline says Australia needs Hemp food!

ABC’s Landline: We need hemp food in Australia! 1/3rd the water to grow lucen Hempcrete soaks up CO2 as it dries and petrifies Aboriginals are building hemp housing Was the world’s most common fabric material until the cotton gin was … Continue reading

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Peak rare metals

Slashdot discusses another symptom of ‘peak everything’… “While we bemoan the current oil crisis, I ran across an editorial that led me to research a more immediate threat. Ramped-up production of flat-panel displays means the material to make them will … Continue reading

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1972 Limits to Growth not wrong

Dave Kimble points out that while some models ran information based only on the data that they had in 1972, other models factored in a potential doubling of resources, especially as most resource discovery phases had not yet obviously peaked. … Continue reading

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Open Source Biochar energy project

Yes, the “Long Now” dude has decided to produce a customisable gasification biochar kit for people to tinker with, measure the results, and innovate. It’s more about experimentation than industrialisation, more about co-operation and shared knowledge than private innovation for … Continue reading

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