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ITS: should have gone to wikipedia first!

Hi all, apologies for hypothesising about the first Space X mission to Mars when it’s all spelt out on wikipedia! Pretty much bears out what I was guessing, anyway. Once those first few supply & base building ships have done … Continue reading

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Elon wins, Zubrin wrong

I recently promoted Robert Zubrin’s critique of the Space X plans for settling Mars. I am now convinced I was wrong. Zubrin attacks the Space X plan in the video below and this article from New Atlantis. But after a fascinating conversation over … Continue reading

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But it’s warming on Mars!

Another great “Climate crock of the week”. YouTube – Climate Denial Crock of the Week – Mars Attacks!!.

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Gobsmackingly cool Mars landing

If we can just keep civilisation grinding along a little longer… then maybe we’ll be able to budget some energy for stuff this cool. This is the whole Mars landing Skycrane animation they’ve been raving about all over the geek … Continue reading

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NF3 not so bad

Yes, NF3 is 17 thousand times more powerful at storing heat in the atmosphere as Co2 is. However, thank our God, it is not a serious climate forcing because there is simply not enough in the atmosphere. (As an aside: … Continue reading

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