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What’s all the fuss about Insight on Mars?

This is a nice Lockheed Martin piece animating everything Insight had to get right just to land on Mars. 3 minutes This Australian scientist explains why the probe will be so groundbreaking — pun intended. 😉  5.5 minutes Mars. It’s … Continue reading

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Imagine your car flying to Mars

Imagine being able to tell your sons “Look at the car in space. You guys have been in that car. I’ve driven you in that car!” as they watch the car float off to Mars on the big screen! I’ve … Continue reading

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6 sonic booms!

The 2 side boosters on the Falcon Heavy each had 3 sonic booms as various legs & flaps deployed. There’s a shot 6 minutes in here of the cameramen on top of the building who have ALREADY watched the boosters … Continue reading

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SpaceX airlines?

The EveryDay Astronaut has a good breakdown of the much longer, rambling Elon Musk presentation. It’s 11 minutes compared to Musk’s 40 minute presentation. In a nutshell, Space X couldn’t fund last year’s plans for a truly gigantic 12m diameter … Continue reading

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Martian flag

Mars already has its own flag! It’s based on the Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, and is an ambitious statement about the journey towards terraforming Mars into another Blue planet. The thing I love … Continue reading

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ITS: should have gone to wikipedia first!

Hi all, apologies for hypothesising about the first Space X mission to Mars when it’s all spelt out on wikipedia! Pretty much bears out what I was guessing, anyway. Once those first few supply & base building ships have done … Continue reading

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Elon wins, Zubrin wrong

I recently promoted Robert Zubrin’s critique of the Space X plans for settling Mars. I am now convinced I was wrong. Zubrin attacks the Space X plan in the video below and this article from New Atlantis. But after a fascinating conversation over … Continue reading

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