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Minister defends divestment

An Anglican minister I know wrote: The goal of divestment is not to cripple these companies economically, which at this point is basically impossible. The goal of divesting from polluters is revoking their social license, to cease giving them the … Continue reading

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America socialist? I don’t think so!

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My top 6 reasons

Top 6 reasons to wean off fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. 1. Save lives! Every year coal, oil, and gas particulates (dust) kill 7 million people worldwide. As George Monbiot reports: “Coal kills more people when it goes … Continue reading

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If your local politician says “I’m not a scientist…”

If your local political representative fights sensible climate policy, but ducks scientific issues around climate change and says “How would I know? I’m not a climate scientist!”, then here’s a good reply: >>> “Personally, I don’t think it proper for … Continue reading

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The economics of climate change are EASY!

The economics of sustainability are easy: tax what we don’t want, and reward what we do want. It’s the politics that are difficult. But once we, as a society, decide that we want the right things instead of the wrong … Continue reading

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Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is going, going….

Our grandchildren are going to face around *double* the sea level rise the IPCC predicted. All earlier predictions were for Greenland’s steady melting. Now that Antarctica’s on the move, that should double. Note: this precludes ‘sudden dynamic ice events’. The … Continue reading

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Pentagon full of ‘long haired freaky people’?

As an Anglican Minister mate of mine just said: What do you think? Are they bleeding-heart pinko national traitors or just tree-hugging, dope-smoking, long-haired dirty hippies? (From the Pentagon.) “Climate change poses another significant challenge for the United States and … Continue reading

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