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It’s nearly game over!

If King Coal gets his grubby hands on the TPP, even a 100% Green Government could not stop coal growing as fast as they want. They might even sue the government now and then just for spite! We’ve only got 2 … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz dead

The ABC reports: Amidst many other farewells and epitaphs, a favourite Science Fiction author and digital activist of mine, Cory Doctorow, says: Fellow technology activist Cory Doctorow met Swartz at age 14 or 15. “In so many ways, he was … Continue reading

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Symposium this Friday: Is a World Parliament possible?

This should be an interesting discussion… shame I can’t go. WCAA – Events Event Title: WCAA Symposium 2012 When: 15.06.2012 – 15.06.2012 Category: Events Description “IS DEMOCRATIC GLOBAL GOVERNANCE POSSIBLE?” Friday June 15th, 8.45 am – 1 pm Old Geology … Continue reading

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Apple Logging Locations of All iPhone Users

“The Guardian reports that researchers have found a hidden file on all iPhones, iPads and any computers to which they synchronize, logging timestamped latitude and longitude coordinates of the user since June 2010. A tool is available on their website … Continue reading

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Petition UN on Libya: Peacekeepers on ground?

This just in … On Monday, April 18, Citizens for Global Solutions ran a full page advertisement in the New York Times that calls for three essential actions for the U.N. to take in Libya. We are reaching out to … Continue reading

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Bob Brown commends Campaign for UN Parliamentary assembly

Well, this is one area where I of course agree with Bob Brown. I move: That the Senate— (a) recognises the 2010 international meeting of the Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly; and (b) congratulates this … Continue reading

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Monbiot on World government

Great! Another book I’ll have to read one day, when I’ve finished a more pressing career transition.which seems to explode with the revolutionary pro-democracy passion I feel on my better days.Not only that, the book actually sounds sane! Many wanting … Continue reading

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