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Soil carbon


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Water box grows trees in desert

This water-box extracts dew from the night time air and siphons it down underground where it will slowly release it to plants. They’ve used it in Dubai to help saplings grow where there is 50C days, sand storms, and camels! … Continue reading

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Naomi Klein makes me angry, again!

First of all, she’s anti-nuclear. Enough said. But today is about the oceans. Geo-engineering, or sequestering CO2 by tipping iron dust into the ocean, is bad as well, according to Klein. She doesn’t spell out why it is bad: the … Continue reading

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Geoengineering too expensive at $200 billion

I was over on this Next Big Future thread where Geoengineering came up. That’s the idea that, since we’re failing to reduce Co2 emissions by moving to clean coal, we may as well try and count the cost of other … Continue reading

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I now think “White Skies” are inevitable

This is my new page on what I used to call the ‘sulphur gun’. I’ve moved it all to It is a little misleading to speak of a ‘sulphur gun’ as they might not use either sulphur or guns to … Continue reading

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The Sulphur Shield (again)

Before we move into this topic I of course wish with all my heart that we would just stop using fossil fuels. If I could, I would wave a magic wand and give every nation the right mix of nuclear … Continue reading

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Blimps tested for ‘sulphur hose’ geoengineering.

The Science Show (Oct 2011) reports on a new blimp hose test that will measure some of the engineering challenges involved in this method of deploying the sulphur gun. We’ll have to pay attention to this in coming months as … Continue reading

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