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Climate change and the M.I.B.

Climate change is all a Conspiracy organised by the M.I.B. who killed J.F.K, faked the moon landing and stole the alien aircraft from Area 51!!! But I’m here to stop them! I will now reveal to the world the presence … Continue reading

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Disney planned William and Kate’s wedding!

Of all the horrible conspiracies in the world, this has got to be one of the most bizarre! 😉 OK, the Disney photo’s were Photoshopped but it’s still pretty funny! My wife says she thought of the ugly step sisters … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to global warming hey?

This is hilarious, even more so because my old arch-nemesis Gordon Cheng posted it on my facebook wall. I told him not to laugh because I was pushing for that legislation right now! LOOK OUT FOR THE GOVERNMENT PAMPHLET! You … Continue reading

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How to pet a kitty – The Oatmeal

After owning a cat for a year, this is so true. How to pet a kitty – The Oatmeal.

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Some very minimalist web design!

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