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I’ve been waiting for this for years.

On my ‘Replenish the soil’ page I have documented the work of soil experts in both biochar, and cow-rotation expert Joel Salatin. (PolyFace Farms). I’ve also been wondering about crop & cow and biochar interfaces. Now the different disciplines are … Continue reading

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What do WW2 and climate change have in common?

Was WW2 about national food security? If so, what implications does this have for geopolitics as climate change starts to bite? This “Crash course” in world history looks at WW2 and takes 10 minutes to briefly summarise the war, and … Continue reading

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Salty land or water? Grow potatoes!

The Guardian reports that salt tolerant potatoes can survive salty water and grow food where previously the land was dying. But thanks to a partnership with Dutch development consultants MetaMeta, several tonnes of the Texel seed potatoes are now on … Continue reading

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Fantastic new source of food!

Fantastic new source of food: * traditional aquaculture trawls the oceans for by-catch to munch up and feed to captive fish * this system replaces ocean feedstock with microorganisms grown in nearby tanks * Or it can be grown in … Continue reading

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ABC’s Landline says Australia needs Hemp food!

ABC’s Landline: We need hemp food in Australia! 1/3rd the water to grow lucen Hempcrete soaks up CO2 as it dries and petrifies Aboriginals are building hemp housing Was the world’s most common fabric material until the cotton gin was … Continue reading

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