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Corona virus – Australian Economy vs Lives?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to kill Corona in Australia and be able to live again – even with harsh international borders and quarantine rules? But again, it only takes one infection in a crowded pub or club or restaurant or … Continue reading

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Will my tree regrow?

Our new neighbours cut down some very large (but invasive weedy) trees. These trees shaded the left half of our pine tree, and so the left half never thrived. Will it recover now that it has direct sunlight, or is … Continue reading

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The most amazing cockroach trap of all time!

When I was a kid my parents had the most amazing cockroach trap. It was an octagonal blue box made out of transparent plastic. A pheromone tablet tempted the cockroaches into little tunnels. The beasties pushed and crawled their way … Continue reading

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Bill Gates calls it the future of education!

Bill Gates calls this the future of education! If your kids are having trouble at school, get them to watch Khan Academy! Try this introductory video to understand it. Teachers have set watching Khan Academy videos as homework and then … Continue reading

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I nearly lost a good friend over ‘communication noise’

I recently had one of the worst experiences ever of communication noise. It was one of the most profound examples of it I have ever experienced, and it completely changed how I perceived and related to a very close friend. … Continue reading

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