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The best of both worlds? Nuclear & solar friends?

What impact will Electric Vehicles have on this debate? I see automated EVs as being a huge new electricity consumer that could work for either a half renewable half nuclear grid, *or* an all nuclear grid. Let’s explore the 100% … Continue reading

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Flying robot-taxi & new battery

While I’m a fan of New Urbanism and walkable neighbourhoods (for the profound health and economic and psychological benefits), this Cora is now a thing. It’s a 2 person ROBOT FLYING EV with a 100km range. Think of it as … Continue reading

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Why Alice Friedmann is wrong

Just 16 months ago Alice Friedemann asked:- Diesel is finite. Trucks are the bedrock of civilization. So where are the battery electric trucks? The answer is Tesla! Tesla electric trucks will be not only be safer, smarter, faster, and more … Continue reading

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Electric buses

I loved this article from Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post called The Coming Electrification of Everything (the gist: we’re in the midst of a wholesale transition to an electron-based economy). What I didn’t predict then, but … Continue reading

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*Robot* EV’s Are. Just. Happening!

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money! “The moves are part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020, offering customers greater fuel efficiency, capability and power across Ford’s global vehicle … Continue reading

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Climate: Robot EV’s MUCH better than EV’s

What if we don’t have to replace every oil car with an Electric Vehicle? What if we used Robot EV’s that we share like a really cheap taxi? How many Robot EV’s would it take to replace all our cars?   … Continue reading

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Tesla’s ‘secret plan’ working

Tesla has sold over 100,000 of their expensive Model S EV’s. In the first 24 hours of unveiling their $35,000 Model 3, they’re already sold over 100,000! Their secret plan of selling to the rich until they could afford to … Continue reading

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