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Electric buses

I loved this article from Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post called The Coming Electrification of Everything (the gist: we’re in the midst of a wholesale transition to an electron-based economy). What I didn’t predict then, but … Continue reading

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*Robot* EV’s Are. Just. Happening!

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money! “The moves are part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020, offering customers greater fuel efficiency, capability and power across Ford’s global vehicle … Continue reading

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Climate: Robot EV’s MUCH better than EV’s

What if we don’t have to replace every oil car with an Electric Vehicle? What if we used Robot EV’s that we share like a really cheap taxi? How many Robot EV’s would it take to replace all our cars?   … Continue reading

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Tesla’s ‘secret plan’ working

Tesla has sold over 100,000 of their expensive Model S EV’s. In the first 24 hours of unveiling their $35,000 Model 3, they’re already sold over 100,000! Their secret plan of selling to the rich until they could afford to … Continue reading

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Algal lamps

Hi all, a friend recommended a facebook meme all about algal lamps. Before I get all down on them, look how cool they are! I mean, these things are seriously steampunk! I also need to say I love different scientists trying … Continue reading

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Sometimes I love exponential growth! Especially with EV’s

That last bastion of hippie lefty greenie reporting, Bloomberg of all places 😉 shows that as battery costs plummet, EV sales soar! Electric vehicles are starting to take off, with global sales of 288,500 units last year, according to BNEF research. … Continue reading

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NREL and the baseload myth

One of the great problems with charging a whole fleet of electric cars is how would the grid cope. Would we have to double our daytime capacity and build out a super-grid as electricity demand skyrocketed! But NREL to the … Continue reading

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