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Tax cuts to the rich?

A comment from an economically informed mate: It’s sad but the Libs seem to have imbibed US Republican Party economic policy. Supply side economics has been discredited for a long time amongst the economic community but remains a powerful policy … Continue reading

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Norway used their oil resource well

Australia’s resource boom could have invested in a permanent, constitutionally protected Sovereign Wealth Fund for all time. The world’s best example of a SWF is Norway. They realised their oil resource was a singular gift that only one generation would … Continue reading

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Geological peak oil still a thing

*Geological* peak oil is still a thing. Just finished watching an Al Jazeera thing explaining that big OPEC producers like Saudi Arabia were over-producing to put American unconventional oil producers out of business, as they are only viable at the … Continue reading

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Florida, Singapore & Tokyo under water in 100 years?

Disturbing NASA projection in this morning’s news Sea levels are rising around the world and the latest satellite data suggests that one metre or more is unavoidable in the next 100-200 years, NASA scientists have said. Ice sheets in Greenland … Continue reading

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It’s nearly game over!

If King Coal gets his grubby hands on the TPP, even a 100% Green Government could not stop coal growing as fast as they want. They might even sue the government now and then just for spite! We’ve only got 2 … Continue reading

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Economics to save the day?

I have to admit that most of the time I hear green economist’s talking, they sound ivory castle and not real world. Too many peaknik greenie economists ramble on about local currencies, and if only this, and if only that. … Continue reading

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The economics of climate change are EASY!

The economics of sustainability are easy: tax what we don’t want, and reward what we do want. It’s the politics that are difficult. But once we, as a society, decide that we want the right things instead of the wrong … Continue reading

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