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Why Alice Friedmann is wrong

Just 16 months ago Alice Friedemann asked:- Diesel is finite. Trucks are the bedrock of civilization. So where are the battery electric trucks? The answer is Tesla! Tesla electric trucks will be not only be safer, smarter, faster, and more … Continue reading

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Forget Left V Right, meet Up V Down-wing!

Wow, I’m having flashbacks to my peak-oiler days. “Left” and “Right-wing” versus “Up” and “Down-wing”. I used to have time to read and discuss this stuff. Those were the days! This great article from Slate discusses how elements of both … Continue reading

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Free speech not a big priority for doomers

It doesn’t take long to get banned from doomer websites. They tend to quickly recycle tired old myths to people like myself that quote peer-reviewed research into nuclear power, affordable synthetic diesel, and other matters. Then, before too long, your … Continue reading

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Going it alone is hard

Doomers like Mike want us all to believe, along with them, that we will all soon have to grow our own food. (Clap your hands 3 times and say “I do believe in doom, I do, I do!“)  His latest post … Continue reading

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Doomers at it again

Since I first learned about global peak oil and its economic consequences, nuclear catastrophe has been my constant nightmare. It’s easy to imagine the world’s nuclear power plants melting down catastrophically when the monetary system fails, and failure of the … Continue reading

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Why doomers are like deniers

Doomers kowtow to a few fundamentalist doctrines that I no longer believe to be true. Peak oil, to me, is about oil production maxing out and running down. It is not about ‘Energy Descent’ which is the belief that only … Continue reading

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Why would a Doomer censor this comment?

I (foolishly) got into a blog debate with Mike Stasse over at the oh-so dramatically titled, Damn the Matrix. In a typical doomer exchange, I was told that ‘nature bats last’, and that growth cannot continue infinitely on a finite … Continue reading

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