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No Warming over last 16 years?

Wanna bet? There’s just no depths to which climate denialists will not stoop.

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Republican crazies…

From ‘The Conversation’, fast becoming one of my favourite commentaries on modern life. Comments by John Quiggin… **** Wayne Swan’s remark last month that the US Republican Party had been taken over by “cranks and crazies” is notable in two … Continue reading

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Cold War heroes founded climate Denialism

My recent guest post by Byron Smith on 3 degrees of warming and the following conversation generated this comment: “I believe that unless the new ipcc report addresses all these questions then the skeptic community will grow dramatically. The fact … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton is busy embarrassing himself again. Not only is he the world’s pre-eminent global warming debunker (even though he doesn’t have a science degree, let alone a degree in climatology) he’s now an expert on everything about Obama. Specifically, … Continue reading

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What if it’s all a hoax?

I love this, and have for years. The only change I would make here is to emphasise clean nuclear power, but otherwise it’s all good.

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