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James Hansen a ‘denier’

Wow. This is a new low from the renewables fans. It cuts deep, because normally I respect Naomi Oreskes. But that’s gone now. She is not an expert in the subject she’s discussing, and quotes a very dubious study into 100% … Continue reading

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Why doomers are like deniers

Doomers kowtow to a few fundamentalist doctrines that I no longer believe to be true. Peak oil, to me, is about oil production maxing out and running down. It is not about ‘Energy Descent’ which is the belief that only … Continue reading

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When a pot boils

When a pot boils, the water moves around a bit. It’s similar with the atmosphere. As the air across the planet warms, local weather systems will move about a bit. Warmer temperatures in the Arctic have reduced the temperature difference … Continue reading

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Disagreement over temperatures?

From here

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Lord Monckton proposes an Australian Fox News

He wants to “keep the news free and fair and balanced, as they do on Fox.” That’s ‘Lord’ Christopher Monckton pushing for an “Australian Fox News”. Balanced hey? 😉 From Getup!

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No Warming over last 16 years?

Wanna bet? There’s just no depths to which climate denialists will not stoop.

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Republican crazies…

From ‘The Conversation’, fast becoming one of my favourite commentaries on modern life. Comments by John Quiggin… **** Wayne Swan’s remark last month that the US Republican Party had been taken over by “cranks and crazies” is notable in two … Continue reading

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