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Which looks more likely?

I’ve been debating a climate sceptic (also a 7 day Creationist) who thinks old maps show that Antarctica was once ice-free. He’s been taken in by a fringe historian, Hapgood, who bases his speculative arguments on the slight similarity of … Continue reading

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Those John Dickson articles again…

Genre of Genesis Part 1 The Purpose of Genesis 1: an historical approach The History of Creationism Part 1

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‘Days’ in Genesis

A friend at Sydney Anglican’s emailed me this on ‘days’ in Genesis. 1. The continuance of God’s seventh day in Genesis 2:3 (i.e. the pattern established in each of the previous days does not recur and variations to patterns like … Continue reading

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Geoff C replies… (Warning: Christian creationism discussion)

Geoff left a nice comment on Craigs blog. “So… Moses “copied” a pagan myth? No. He rebuked it,” Well we don’t actually know that it was Moses who wrote it. He may not have, but we still ought call them … Continue reading

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Genesis re-writes Enuma!

I’ve just read through the Enuma Elish, and it’s amazing how Genesis re-writes Enuma! Enuma predates Genesis by maybe 200 years, depending on when one sees Genesis as finally codified. Enuma contains pages and pages of ‘heavenly intrigue’ and gossip … Continue reading

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Genesis?

I found myself in a bizarre conversation with a certain Creationist that did not want to actually answer my questions, but instead just kept asking me questions about Chiasmus in John to make some kind of point about Genesis 1. … Continue reading

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Enuma Elish wiki

This is absolutely fascinating and to my mind proves that Genesis 1 is a theological text about the relationships between God and nature and mankind, not a scientific or historical text about HOW God made the world. I’m sorry Creationists, … Continue reading

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