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Aaron Swartz dead

The ABC reports: Amidst many other farewells and epitaphs, a favourite Science Fiction author and digital activist of mine, Cory Doctorow, says: Fellow technology activist Cory Doctorow met Swartz at age 14 or 15. “In so many ways, he was … Continue reading

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I’m using sub-headings in my menu bar now

OK, sometimes I can be a bit slow to learn new software. Something cool I just learnt about wordpress: the menu function is smart. When I use the menu function for my summary pages it looks this long list of … Continue reading

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How Microsoft lost their Mojo!

(If they ever had it in the first place!) I’m afraid I cannot really weep at the disasters befalling Microsoft. They’ve missed the boat in so many ways. Vanity Fair documents the absolutely catastrophic performance of CEO Steve Ballmer over … Continue reading

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Ribbons compared

Microsoft Office 2010 has 2 flavours: PC and Mac. The Mac version is, apparently, quite good, with a number of favourable reviews. However, once again we encounter the ever-changing nature of software. Having had some time in the military, and … Continue reading

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Bill Gates calls it the future of education!

Bill Gates calls this the future of education! If your kids are having trouble at school, get them to watch Khan Academy! Try this introductory video to understand it. Teachers have set watching Khan Academy videos as homework and then … Continue reading

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Apple biggest non-oil Corporation.

Only Exxon beats them! As Next Big Future says: ****** Apple has a valuation of $369 billion (as the stock price closes on $400 per share) At $449 per share (if Exxon Mobil remained shares were flat), Apple would be … Continue reading

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Open source hardware: a village civilization starter on a DVD!

Why you should listen to him: Declaring that, “We can lead self-sustaining lives without sacrificing our standard of living,” Marcin Jakubowski believes that only by opening the means of production can we achieve abundance for all. Though he has a … Continue reading

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