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Will Facebook and Google get broken up by anti-trust?

Hi all,it seems anti-trust action may be on the way.

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Calling all geeks: great review of MR ROBOT (without any significant spoilers). As always, there’s just so much more symbolism in these shows than I catch first time round!

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Microsoft Onenote cut from 15Gig down to 5!

Whaaaaaat? This could have a big impact on my love for Onenote! Microsoft are cutting their free cloud storage from 15G to just 5G. Not an issue yet, but do I really want to commit to Onenote if they’re still … Continue reading

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Libreoffice password opens locked Microsoft Office files

Hi all, for the last few years I’ve been using Microsoft Office365 for business reasons. But since Microsoft took 5 years to update office for mac, we’ve decided most of us can switch back to Libreoffice. We’ll outright buy Microsoft Office … Continue reading

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Evernote V Onenote: Onenote wins for my purposes!

I *had* given up on Onenote. I thought it would let me do everything I wanted (like ‘Find & Replace’) with the Onetastic extension, but I use Mac and Onetastic only works on Windows7. Mac doesn’t even seem to let … Continue reading

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Cheap internet to the rest of the world

Great use for solar PV: bring the internet to the remaining billions who don’t have it! Solar PV powering 20km high balloons!

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Attention Open Source fans: what have I missed

What fundamental argument for a worldwide Open Source standard have I missed?

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