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Connectors from Graphics Cards to Monitors – can Monitors adjust hz?

Hi all, can any PC geeks out there tell me what I’m looking for in a monitor? I’ll be building a computer around a RTX 3080 card that has Display Port 1.4 (*3) and HDRMI 2.1. The goal is a … Continue reading

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Great summary of Open Source history

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Is the game EVE online a genius player driven world or ‘spreadsheets in space’?

I actually enjoyed an EVE book once – a worthy space opera. But as I started to play (a year back) it looked like getting to the exciting battles at the end of this trailer was going to take months … Continue reading

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Will Facebook and Google get broken up by anti-trust?

Hi all,it seems anti-trust action may be on the way.

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Calling all geeks: great review of MR ROBOT (without any significant spoilers). As always, there’s just so much more symbolism in these shows than I catch first time round!

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