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Chinese nukes to replace all *new* coal by 2025?

As Next Big Future reports: China has completed the basic technology research and published a development roadmap for a Generation IV demonstration SuperCritical-Water-cooled Reactor that could be commissioned in 2022. This reactor could achieve costs that are up to half … Continue reading

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King Coal wants to ban free speech

When will they stop? King Coal now wants to ban your right to hear what environmental effect your super may be having! How brazenly North Korea of them! Please sign this petition if you disagree with King Coal trying to … Continue reading

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Anglican Minister explains why defending Maules Creek is CRITICAL

Anglican Minister Byron Smith (link coming soon) shares how defending Maules Creek against old King Coal is an essential strategic strike against coal; a battle of the bulge for the climate, D-Day for the White Box gum, and decoding the … Continue reading

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But coal is ESSENTIAL for the Australian economy?

Not so fast! 1. overall mining is about 9% of our GDP but that GDP comes at the cost of other GDP. (See below). 2. Fossil fuels are only part of that 9% GDP as the rest is opals and … Continue reading

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WUWT claims coal smog is good for you?

Here’s one from WUWT on coal. Apparently it’s all a myth. Not only is peer-reviewed climate science flat out wrong, (I mean, we all knew that!  ), but apparently WUWT is also going to disprove the coal-smog-death thing as well. Did … Continue reading

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Double coal cost just to include the health bill!

Is coal cheap? Not so much if you double the price to include the health costs! “Although it is difficult to assign a cost to these numbers, estimates have suggested a 10% increase in health care costs in countries where … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben on Australian coal

How Australian Coal is causing Global Damage! (I must read this later. There are various personal financial and superannuation decisions I must make as a result of Bill’s brilliant ‘divestment’ campaign that I wish to support.)

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