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First biochar plant closer! End of the year?

It’s about time! Managing director Peter Burgess says wheat straw would provide the raw material for the plant. “The project will take wheat straw, large square bales of wheat straw, and convert that into biochar.” “We’re just finishing the detailed … Continue reading

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Lobby For Terra Preta – Page 6 – Science Forums

Aaaah, biochar! Jack Oswald, CEO of SynGest Inc,  delivered the keynote address at the 2010 International Biomass Conference. Oswald led attendees in chants of “Till Baby Till” ( – while offering a vision of a new “cornucopia” biorefinery model to … Continue reading

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Biochar really could fix global warming!

Hi all, This is from a review of a book on biochar which explores some of the potential benefits, and also very great RISKS, of using biochar. Biochar seems to be one of those technologies that could be really very … Continue reading

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Biochar one-liners from famous people

Some recent one-liners on Biochar, included on the IBI email list. AL GORE – “One of the most exciting new strategies for restoring carbon to depleted soils, and sequestering significant amounts of CO2 for 1,000 years and more, is the … Continue reading

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Mobile biochar unit makes biochar, but what about fuel?

Hi all, some time ago there was some quite heated discussion on the ASPO email list about whether or not biochar charcoal fertiliser and fuel systems would work in the rural community because of the vast distances in Australia’s farmland … Continue reading

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