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Rivals? Just frame them!

It’s happening again! “Pakistan has extremely strict laws against defaming Islam, including the death penalty for insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Rights campaigners say the laws are often used to settle personal disputes.” ABC April 2014 Advertisements

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Christian denialists

To the shame of the Protestant Christian church, climate denialism seems to be on the rise in America. For the Guardian report that details why, see below: ***** Take a look at some of the most recent initiatives in the … Continue reading

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Words for teenagers meme

There’s this Facebook meme doing the rounds called “Word’s for teenagers”. At first I thought it had some good points. Sure it’s a Judge having a rant, so I made some allowances for it being a little intolerant. Especially of … Continue reading

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How did the Pre-Darwin world read Genesis 1?

Warning to greenie readers: This is one of my rare Christian posts! Please don’t read further if Christian discussion offends you. Craig Schwarze has an interesting post about how some of our best modern Hebrew scholars are saying about the … Continue reading

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Scrapped my ‘First and last’ things page, for now

Hi all, I realised that my Christian page on Genesis and Revelation was just going to be too big, and that I’d need to break it into 2 pages, both full of the links and arguments I find most compelling. … Continue reading

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Michael Youssef looks like a right-wing nutter

Michael rabidly condemns the entire environmental movement as  enviro-Nazi’s — calling on all evangelical leaders to condemn global warming science because some dumb conference organiser got a little carried away on stage. Reality to Youssef — climate change and peak … Continue reading

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Resisting the Green Dragon- Christian Denialism at its worst!

Hi all, Resisting the Green Dragon is a series of paranoid anti-climate DVD’s doing the rounds in the church. Blaaargh! This is a short rant I emailed to them and posted on the Vimeo link to their longer 12 minute … Continue reading

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