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Abortion not the only "issue of life" Christians should vote on

I think this article on the Jim Wallis blog has some great points about how ineffective overturning Roe V Wade would actually be. Voting Republican hasn’t actually done much to stop abortion at all. Remind me how many babies have … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Barak Obama is not the Anti-Christ!

This just in from an associate professor of bible teaching stuff, James McGrath! But, he went and spoilt the surprise. I mean, can’t this guy warn us of “SPOILERS — may ruin the surprise at the end of this candidate’s … Continue reading

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Christians debunk peak oil in 4 minutes

Warning:Warning:Warning:This video contains a thousand megavolts of satire, and is NOT the Christian view of peak oil. 😉

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CPX newsletter

John Lennox Visit This August CPX, in association with City Bible Forum, will be bringing Dr John Lennox to Sydney. Dr Lennox will be speaking at several events during the week. This includes a debate, organised in conjunction with the … Continue reading

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Aspinall weighs in

Anglican Archbishop joins criticism of WYD laws – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Tears of relief as GAFCON ratified

Archbishop Jensen cries with relief for ministry friends in Canada as the GAFCON unanimously signs the Jerusalem declaration (read here). It’s not so much a church ‘split’ as a realignment with the traditional Anglican values that North America has themselves … Continue reading

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Wear a Protestant T-Shirt, get fined $5500!

So much for free speech and freedom of religion. As Lee Rhiannon points out, The Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said if someone exposed themselves in public, they faced a fine of only $1100 or six months’ jail under the Summary … Continue reading

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