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Great — ocean acidification has it’s own feedback loop that can cascade out of control.

Long story short — as CO2 adds to ocean acidity, it eats at various carbon deposits already in the oceans and makes the ocean more acidic. If we push it too far, various tiny shelled critters cannot make a strong … Continue reading

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Australia adds 49 species to threatened list

The Guardian reports that Australia has added 49 species as threatened, 9 of which are *critical*. Again it’s habitat loss. Again we see the need for a ban on suburban sprawl, fast adoption of comprehensive conservation laws protecting habitats, and immediate … Continue reading

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Water box grows trees in desert

This water-box extracts dew from the night time air and siphons it down underground where it will slowly release it to plants. They’ve used it in Dubai to help saplings grow where there is 50C days, sand storms, and camels! … Continue reading

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Blood Lions: bred for the bullet

Blood Lions Sydney For the Love of Wildlife partnering with Blood Lions Friday, 4 September 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (AEST) Sydney, NSW For the Love of Wildlife is very proud to partner BLOOD LIONS for the Australian … Continue reading

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Please sign to save the Amazon!

This is a huge deal! Colombia is already on board. Avaaz are asking for a 1 million strong petition to show we care when 3 governments get together to discuss the future of the Amazon, and specifically, an enormous new … Continue reading

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Tasmanian Forest workers

Forestry workers provide an essential service for society. Forestry can be sustainable for the long term if run carefully. But Abbott’s aggressive support of expanding forestry is hardly sustainable, and the Tasmanian economy will not collapse if forestry is reduced … Continue reading

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Proctor and Gamble reply

Last post I shared my email to P&G. This is their reply. **** Hi Dave, Thank you for contacting Procter & Gamble regarding Head & Shoulders. We always welcome feedback from our consumers as a means of assessing attitudes toward … Continue reading

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