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‘Slumming it’ Part 2 — NOT the way to sort plastic!

In part 2 of ‘Slumming it’ Kevin again focused on the community benefits of living in smaller, walking distance societies. He seemed full of wonder at their relationships and spontaneous meeting places and shared spaces. He marvelled at their community. … Continue reading

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Mobile biochar unit makes biochar, but what about fuel?

Hi all, some time ago there was some quite heated discussion on the ASPO email list about whether or not biochar charcoal fertiliser and fuel systems would work in the rural community because of the vast distances in Australia’s farmland … Continue reading

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Airships the post-oil flight?

Imagine them covered in solar panels to drive the prop (until night when hydrogen/batteries/biodiesel/whatever takes over). It looks like they are coming, with a few technical hiccups along the way. Slashdot | Boeing-Skyhook Airship Faces Technical Challenges“Since the Hindenburg disaster, … Continue reading

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