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iGoogle and Google Reader RSS integration

I think I’m going to use iGoogle RSS from now on… iGoogle launches Reader integration Thursday, October 16, 2008 by Mihai Parparita It’s a little known fact that Reader and iGoogle are siblings. They share some parents (hi Steve!). They’ve … Continue reading

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Slowing down a bit

I’ve got a lot of business and family stuff going on at the moment so I’m slowing down in my blogging for a while. So to stay positive, you can always read my favourite ‘solutions’ blogs for news and developments … Continue reading

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Rewrote a few of my solutions pages

I de-cluttered my REZONE to New Urbanism page as the Principles section was very messy and needed extreme pruning. Then I rewrote some of my REFUEL on RENEWABLES page and edited the section on a Worldwide grid to include the … Continue reading

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Medical findings: blogging makes you happy

Great findings on the SMH! (Thanks dad)

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