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  1. Simpol — the campaign that makes your vote count on global issues
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  4. Advice to would-be peak oil activists overwhelmed by how urgent and depressing it all is

1. Simpol — the campaign that makes your vote count on global issues

What is the worldwide goal?

Finally, the international goal is to have all nations adopt the Oil Depletion Protocol!

How on earth do mere mortals like you and I achieve something on an international scale, requiring the world’s governments to all agree to sign what could be an economy-changing treaty? This is the where Simpol comes in.

As the Simpol Wiki explains it:

“a growing association of citizens world-wide who aim to use their votes in a new, co-ordinated and effective way to drive all nations to co-operate in solving our planetary crisis”. It believes that transnational citizen action is vital because “global markets and multinational corporations so comprehensively overpower individual nations that no politician dares make the first move to solve global problems for fear of competitive disadvantage”.

ISPO aims to overcomes this paralysis by bringing all nations to adopt in principle – and then to simultaneously implement – the Simultaneous Policy (SP), a range of democratically selected regulations to bring about economic justice, environmental security and peace around the world.

By adopting SP, ISPO’s members pledge to vote in future elections for ANY political party or candidate – within reason – that also adopts SP. The ISPO argues that, as more and more citizens act in this way, politicians will adopt it too if they wish to remain in office. Its slogan is “Use Your Vote to Take Back the World! Adopt the Simultaneous Policy.”

Simpol not only cares about peak oil, but global warming, 3rd world poverty, overpopulation, biodiversity loss, saving the whales, human rights, corporate greed and the overwhelming power of multinationals, fair treatment of women, and almost everything else you could possibly want.

If you want to really make a difference then as well as some local activism, please consider adopting the Simpol strategy and promising your local political candidate your vote if they become a Simpol adopter. Together we can do this.

Listen to the Interview on GlobalPublicMedia: John Bunzl of 19 January 2006

john Bunzl imageJohn Bunzl

“Simultaneous Policy has as its ultimate aim the transformation of the international economy such that it operates in harmony with the global natural environment and with the needs of human nature.”
Founder & Director, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

Jose Ramos-Horta

“I am pleased to confirm to you my interest in endorsing the SP campaign and to be as active in its support as I can.”
Foreign Minister, East Timor
Nobel Peace Prize, 1996

Noam Chomsky

“It’s ambitious and provocative. Can it work? Certainly worth a serious try.”
Professor (MIT), political critic, author
Manufacturing Consent, 9-11

2. Find your local group.

It seems to me that by far the most common local environmental groups, at least in Australia, that are aware of peak oil and energy issues are the Climate Action Groups. (CAG’s).

As Dan Cass of Crikey explains it, the opposition Liberal party could be in danger of underestimating the humble CAG to their detriment at the next few elections.

1. Underestimating the climate movement

Australian Prime Ministers are used to dealing with a small corps of key environmental groups and commentators: the Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF, Tim Flannery etc. It would be a grave mistake to think that these few groups or individuals are still able to award the big green publicity medals.

Every month that goes by, a new climate action group starts in Australia. This under-reported sector is reinventing the environmental movement. It wields the moral authority and is rapidly building an organisational capacity. for Climate Action Group’s (CAG’s)

Transition Towns

Find out if there is a Transition Town movement in your area. These guys are specifically peak oil focussed and are the local grassroots brand-name for peak oil, especially since Postcarbon’s Relocalise networks shut down and handed the job over to Transition Towns. The founder Rob Hopkins even spoke at TED recently! (See his 16 minute talk here.)

This is the world’s largest peak oil forum, which is often dominated by hostile doomers, but go ahead and log in and ask around if there are any groups in your area or city.

The world’s most popular peak oil and energy news site! There is a list of news by Region so click on Region and pan back through the archives, and see if you can ask contributors from your country if there are groups more local to where you live.

Sustainable Population Australia

A very “deep green” group that are concerned about the total energy, ecology and population matrix.

Australian Conservation Foundation

Sympathetic greenies that might be won over to some of your concerns.

Sierra club in the USA

Lastly, try this List of Environmental Organisations (wiki).

Contact the main group in your nation and ask them where you can meet with other activists locally.

3. How to write to politicians about Simpol.

Take it from me, most politicians these days already know all about the claims for peak oil, whether or not they accept them personally. So the last thing politicians care about is another very technical letter from an ‘expert’. They are not moved by that at all. All they really care about is a short letter from an upset voter. Be heartfelt. “I’m a local dad who is extremely concerned that my teenage kid is going to lose work over this peak oil thing”. Heartfelt pain and concern (and ultimately your vote) are the only things that move politicians.

Then tell them they are guaranteed your vote if they adopt the “moral high ground” and become a Simpol Adopter Candidate, and that you are part of a global movement and there could be more votes in it than just yours!

Join Simpol today and use your vote to help shape the course of international policy, especially with regards to adopting the Oil Depletion Protocol!

4. Advice to would-be peak oil activists overwhelmed by how urgent and depressing it all is

Before ranting about TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as we Know it!), please observe these simple rules for beginners. I wish I could jump back in time and caution myself about some very newbie mistakes I made when starting this campaign.

  • read a few books on peak oil first
  • realise there are many doomers out there that seem to have vested interests and serious time and money invested in selling the message of chaotic collapse
  • hang out at for a while before letting apocalyptic nightmares take over
  • if you don’t feel qualified to do much for peak oil, at least download and print out a free peak oil poster from here now and then!
  • Download some free movies, burn them to DVD, and lend them out.
  • Don’t make any big decisions for a year or 2. Don’t sell your house and run to the bush, don’t leave your wife, don’t get too stressed. Remember to take care of your health, eat well, get to bed early, go on walks, and watch funny movies now and then. I know of young people that have committed suicide over peak oil and don’t want to be guilty of spreading around needless panic. Yes it is serious, but no: as far as I can tell society is not ‘doomed’ and the future could turn out quite pleasant indeed.