Natural gas is NOT required!

Governments are being misled by big energy corporations. Do not be fooled – natural gas is a fossil fuel which releases CO2 when burned. But worse, the gas (methane) leaks. It’s 30 times worse than CO2 (over 100 years), but has a 70 times greater effect over just 20 years! The gas pipes leak, making natural gas as bad as coal. They’re also bad for democracy. There’s billions to be made – so natural gas companies hire straw-candidates to throw elections, and even hire actors to distort some local and state democratic processes.

It is NOT an essential “bridging technology” while we “figure out” how to store renewables. We already know! Expensive lithium batteries can bridge the first few minutes – then cheaper off-river pumped hydro can do the overnight and even some seasonal storage.

OBJECTION: all the best hydro dam spots have already been taken and the rest are environmentally sensitive? This is actually true.

ANSWER: So we don’t build them on rivers! Off-river closed-loop PHES can be built even faster than on-river PHES. In 3 to 5 years. This is because:-

A: It is off-river, so it does not have to build tricky river bypasses.

B: The upper and lower reservoirs, the tunnels and power stations can be built at the same time.

Australia has 300 TIMES what it needs in great potential locations

C: When finished the missing water is slowly pumped in from the closest river or ocean, and covered in floating plastic balls to reduce evaporation.

Don’t be a fossil-fool – we don’t need more natural gas. Indeed, we should deploy renewables ASAP and start weaning off natural gas to regain national sovereignty over our electricity prices and get away from the crazy international gas market.

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