I’m a bit skeptical about the Metaverse

Some rambling thoughts – but I think “The Metaverse” is currently overhyped and will go the way of 3d Television. There’s some things that are cool in Sci-Fi shows – but leave you a little dizzy and disorientated in the real world. Unless they could get a lot more savvy about dealing with weird parallax and eye strain and nausea issues – I’m not convinced the Metaverse will take off in a big way – and I grew up reading William Gibson and Neal Stephenson.

Also, it seems a bit niche? Won’t there be competition? Just as there are dozens of in game universes to explore, and Second Life and VRChat have their own thing, won’t there be a microsoft teams version and Facebook version and Google version just as there already is Zoom and Teams and Facebook rooms? He got lucky getting Facebook out there first. That worked, Google+ Circles didn’t. Social media platforms are hard to launch – there has to be something really different about it. But I’m sceptical this will be as successful as Facebook. Next time you’re doing the dishes, listen to this episode of ABC’s Future Tense.

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