New NSW Premier is a Climate Denier

Oh no – not again.

“If you question man-made climate change, you are not a sceptic.”

Honestly, this is such a tired old myth. I’m surprised to hear him try and revive it – trotting it out as if it gives him some kind of victim status? Is he really trying to muster some personal indignation at “unjust persecution?”


If you question something – you are a sceptic. That is what the word means.

Also, in this day of social media hype, it is good to be sceptical. It is good to ask questions. But make sure you ask real questions – and don’t just recite that Denier Uncle’s emotional outbursts. Ask an actual question – one that science can answer.

However, if you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the peer-reviewed answers to those questions – and think that someone with a background in something other than climate science knows better than all those climate scientists – then you graduate from sceptic to denier.

We are approaching 200 years since Joseph Fourier discovered our atmosphere acts like a blanket trapping heat around the earth and making it warmer than the moon. It is 164 years since Eunice Foote isolated out carbon dioxide as the main driver of this.

So Mr Perrottett, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! Then jolly well listen to the answers – or you’re just another dime-a-dozen climate DENIER that refuses to acknowledge reality.

ABC Oct 2021
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