Anti-vaxxers will have to come up with a new conspiracy theory

I know of various anti-vaxxers that thought the vaccine passport was going to get nasty. As in, (at the risk of already fulfilling Godwin’s Law), they were trying to prepare themselves for concentration camps. They saw themselves as the modern day Jews suffering the persecution of the authoritarian state. Maybe we’re getting soft? It’s been a few generations since a major powers war – and we’ve forgotten what it is like to sacrifice for the common good.

Anyway, the NSW Premier finally announced the path out of lock-down and that, while anti-vaxxers will be penalised on their freedoms by about a month – they’re definitely not heading off to concentration camps any time soon! The following statement shows that this is, and has always been, about keeping citizens safe. When 90% of us are vaccinated against Covid the health system should be able to cope with the final stages of lockdowns and restrictions almost over. But note – vaccination only protects against sickness. Not spread. If you haven’t been vaccinated – you could get this virus and get ‘long covid’ which is awful. Don’t risk it – get vaccinated.

A third stage has been set for December 1, when it’s expected the state will have reached 90 per cent double-dose vaccination. On that date, unvaccinated people will be subject to the same rules as those who’ve been vaccinated.

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