Fix the ocean and trap carbon for $10 per ton CO2?

I love this clever 4 minute youtube video. There may be limits of this technology’s ability to pump olivine into the oceans and be effective at trapping CO2 – some papers suggest about 9% of our annual output. But at $10 a ton, it’s worth exploring.

I found the link over here at Greenbiz, which also had a helpful graphic illustrating the benefits of having a massive seaweed industry, where it says:-

Another proposed approach is large-scale seaweed cultivation, as seaweed captures carbon through photosynthesis. While there is evidence that wild seaweed already contributes to carbon removal, there is potential to cultivate and harvest seaweed for use in a range of products, including food (human and animal), fuel and fertilizer.

The full extent of carbon removal potential from these applications is uncertain, as many of these products would return carbon within the seaweed to the environment during consumption. Yet, these applications could lower emission intensity compared to conventional production processes. Seaweed cultivation also can provide an economic return that could support near-term industry growth.

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