A more positive version of fantasy and SciFi – “Hopepunk”

A dear friend asked me to comment on this (long) article about Hopepunk. If you are a writer, it might be worth reading it. Rob Hopkins – founder of the Transition Towns local economy and local food movement – interviews the fantasy author that coined the term “Hopepunk”. Hopepunk is the opposite of Game of Thrones – where somehow the adventure continues without completely fracturing the whole community or destroying the moral character of the heroes. It’s a genre where the heroes might be complex, might have faults, might have hurt people – but in their character arcs realise what they’ve done and learn and grow and restore.

I responded that I think we need both Grimdark and Hopepunk….

Yes – I can see a place for that. I wonder if we need both, though? I wouldn’t rule out the place of a dark warning to send chills down our spine, then the clarion call of hope and action to motivate us. We were watching something fairly grim recently and when I came away from it I was just so profoundly grateful for the 4 constitutionally guaranteed rights we have in Australia – the right to a fair vote, fair purchase of your property “on just terms” (think The Castle), freedom of religion, and a fair trial by your peers. On these 4 rights – especially the voting and democracy that guarantees – we somehow compromise and get by. I guess Grimdark should warn against taking these for granted – as that’s when things get really dark and gnarly. Hopepunk should inspire as to what we can achieve when we work together to keep these things going, and maybe even illustrate concrete examples of alternative town plans or energy systems or other community solutions to spark something in our collective imaginations?

PS: My biggest bugbear with Game of Thrones is that the pacing and writing and plot all deteriorated near the end because it just went on too long! I can handle some Grimdark if the writing is good.

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